QFS offer two alternative scaffolding solutions- traditional tube and fittings and the Haki Universal modular scaffolding system. QFS traditional solutions with tube and fittings provide the adaptability to suit and scaffolding requirement.

The Haki Universal system solution can provide increased speed of erection to deliver even the most stringent program requirements through reduction in components used and greater engineered strength.

Haki Universal Type Examination Certificate in accordance with the requirements of AFS 1990:12 and SS-HD 1000-Certificate No.14 55 01 – for load classes 1 – 6 (0.75 – 6.0KN/m2).

QFS have a large asset base of Haki system stairs and also offer the HAKITEC 750 roofing system. The components are designed for roofs and the robust beam is available in different lengths and angles, which means that it is easy to tailor the roof trusses with respect to span and form.