Value: £62,500,000

Programme:  35 weeks.


HB Reavis has begun demolition works at 33 King William Street, its first development in the UK.

The works will be completed by Erith demolition Contractors.

Erith again negotiated the engineering and build of the access requirements with QFS Scaffolding given their Demolition experience in delivering difficult access solutions to allow space for the new 230,000 sq ft Grade A office building.

As seen from the following photos the buildings position was completed surrounded by busy streets nestled on the embankment of the River Thames. Given the tight program requirements QFS were tasked with the problem of delivering a top down access scheme to allow complete containment whilst the lower ring access requirements were built. This allowed early demolition to start and the program to be achieved.
200LM Cantilevered and bridged access from high level floor.

Independent access scaffold 5600m2

Dead shore 7000m3 for step-in

25mHaki access stairs.

6832 Hours worked onsite