The Board of QFS Scaffolding is committed to achieving high standards in Health and Safety across all its operations. The board accepts it has a collective role in providing Health and Safety leadership in its organisation. Similarly, all Directors and Managers are expected to demonstrate high standards in Health and Safety Leadership.

This code of conduct requires QFS Scaffolding employees to recognise the importance of Health and Safety to themselves and those affected by the work the company carry out.

This code of conduct is about QFS operative’s behaviour when they are on site. QFS have invested a lot of time and money in developing its workers awareness and attitude in how they approach and carry out their works.

The contribution made by the QFS operatives conduct on site is regarded by the company as being of the highest importance. Positive approach to this code of conduct will have a major influence on others. At the same time, this code sets ways in which you can let the board know if you think that we are not meeting the high standards that we are setting ourselves.

Ethos for QFS Operatives is to make a positive contribution – not a negative one.

Leadership: Directors and Managers
All Directors and Managers, of QFS Scaffolding show leadership by complying with the following:
Setting Standards – Managers and Directors set a high standard of safety behaviour within their own areas of the business. As all times, they should lead by example and comply with all of the safety requirements and policies including those set by particular sites.

QFS use a site wide operations management tool that records all PGI (Planned General inspections) audits and alerts both good and poor observations and is effective in establishing good levels of communication throughout the company.

Listening – Directors, managers and supervisors listen to views expressed on Health and Safety issues. Problems are solved locally or discussed at the Health and Safety management meetings and reviews.

Setting Standards – Personal standards of Health and Safety are high. At all times, they lead by example and comply with all QFS policies and safety requirements that apply to a particular site. Supervisors of QFS Scaffolding are identified by wearing ‘Supervisors Black Hats’ .Supervisors observe standards of behaviour and quality of work onsite.

Black Hat (Site Supervisor)

Black Hat site supervisors are site based and are best placed to manage the day to day running of all site activities. QFS have focused time and training to ensure they have all the correct skills knowledge and expertise for their position and role.

Minimum Black Hat Training Requirements

Advanced scaffolder
Advanced Inspection course (Sits)
TWC Temp Works Coordinator.
Black Hat training internal Policies and Operations.

QFS Operatives.
QFS operatives are entered on to a companywide training matrix to ensure progression of training and knowledge. Both Health and safety representatives within the company and regular operative meetings ensure good communication through all levels of the business. QFS operatives are encouraged to engage through various company behavioural schemes and good practice is recognised and rewarded. Behavioural attitude is recognised as being of the highest importance within the company and monitored for compliance at every level.