QFS Scaffolding are one of the largest UK stock holders of the Haki Universal system scaffold and work closely with Haki in developing access solutions for a wide varying array of projects. One of the more recent projects are within Battersea Power Station. A birdcage access scaffold erected in and around a varying façade restraint that required the system to be both flexible and adaptable not relying on a basic formation from the ground that could not be maintained throughout the build.

QFS operatives carry the SSPTS Haki accreditation for the full product course and have the knowledge and skill to deliver even the most demanding and complex structures.


HAKI Universal Scaffolding System delivers versatility, speed of installation, safety and reliability.

• Totally safe system of work with HAKI’s Advance Guard Rail System.

• Scaffold grids up to 3.65m.
• Fewer components compared to tube and fittings and other systems.
• Up to 30% lighter than tube and fittings and even other systems.

• Large bay length reduces erection times and therefore installation costs.
• No loose/small fittings to service or get lost.
• Minimal moving parts – easy to maintain.

• Just a few basic components.
• Connections can be made anywhere, horizontally or vertically.
• Can use system planks or scaffold boards.
• Adapts to any type of application.




HAKI Universal System Scaffold is unbeatable for building birdcages
• Provides access routes through the structure.
• Enables sections to be partially decked for speed and economy.
• Load-bearing ledger means no special board bearers are required for erection.
• Grid sizes up to 3.65m x 3.65m.
• Flush deck finish.
• Safe systems of work.
• Choice of decking.


Slung scaffolds


For speed and safety, you can’t beat HAKI Universal System Scaffold.

Unique, cold formed spigots are manufactured without welding, providing secure connections for suspended scaffolds.

The unique Advance Guard Rail system provides a totally safe system of work.
• Fewer components compared to other systems.
• Totally systemised, even including suspension devices.
• Lightweight. HAKI Universal System Scaffold is 50% lighter than other systems when used in suspended scaffold.
• Economical.
• Reduces programme times.
• Saves on possessions and road closures.
• A comprehensive range of suspension devices that will make the construction safe and simple.
• 3.05m x 3.05m grids.
• Fewer contact points.
Haki Stair Towers

HAKI Stair Tower 3050×1655 Symmetrical

HAKI Stair Tower Symmetrical is a further development of the traditional HAKI Stair Tower. In addition to all the benefits offered by the original, we can add
• Significantly lower weight than earlier designs – on account of high tensile steel

• Can be installed with clockwise or anticlockwise stairs as well as with parallel, double stair flights – improved flexibilit

• Stair flights and infill platforms can be locked to each other – makes lifting sections easier

• In addition to ledger beams LB, single tube beams ERB can also be used – greater free height

• Adapted for the new FSSH standard – gives, among others, flat floors in all directions

• Fully hot-dip galvanized finish – reduces maintenance

Haki Public Stair


The HAKI Public Staircase system is the solution for every situation, providing guaranteed safety and maximum flexibility.
• The HAKI Public Staircase system is based on HAKI Universal scaffolding components supplemented by a number of carefully designed parts

• The rise/going relationship is 167/280 mm, giving a stair slope of 31° for best comfort

• The largest opening between treads, in stair handrails and in guardrails does not allow the passage of a sphere of 100 mm or more in diameter

• Handrails and guardrails are adjustable in height for different types of decking

• A unique locking system for stair stringers, stair handrails and guardrails provides the highest level of safety



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